Letter from Chair

Dr. Hill

Dear friends  and collegues,

I am exceedingly proud of what we have done together to shape the future of anesthesiology.

The department has been honored with outstanding leadership. Over the past 60 years former chairs John E. Steinhaus, John L. Waller, and James R. Zaidan, along with departmental leaders such as E. L. Fredeickson and Carl C. Hug, dozens of faculty members, and hundreds of residents and fellows have shaped the residency and fellowship program into one of the strongest anesthesiology programs in the nation.

Building on this foundation, we are strengthening resident education to meet the needs of modern health care. We offer simulation programs in advanced clinical skills, echocardiotherapy training, team training in crisis resource management, and opportunities in global health practice. With advanced research training and mentoring, our students become outstanding clinical scientists.

Faculty members are conducting leading-edge resesrch in neurophysiology, pain, sleep, imaging, stroke, electrophysiology, and other important areas.

Warm regards,

Laureen L. Hill
Department of Anesthesiology