Medical Students

The Emory University School of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology has many educational opportunities for medical students. Programs, both required and elective, are available for interested students at any level of their medical school training. Mentorship and shadowing experiences can be arranged for first- and second-year students who desire information regarding the field of anesthesiology.

We welcome senior medical students from Emory and other medical schools to participate in our robust elective programs. Current offerings include:

ANES 01 - Cardiothoracic Anesthesia & Critical Care
ANES 02 - Anesthesia for Surgical Subspecialties

Gaurav Patel, MD
Director of Anesthesiology Medical Student Education, Department of Anesthesiology

McKenzie Hollon, MD
Assistant Director of Anesthesiology Medical Student Education, Department of Anesthesiology

Applications Phase (M3) Medical Student Required Clerkship

  • Check OASIS for site assignments
  • Course Director – Gaurav Patel,
  • Clerkship Coordinator – Chanta' Randall, 404-778-3378

Information about the anesthesiology require clerkship is available on Canvas and will be e-mailed out the week prior to the rotation.

Translations Phase (M4) Clinical Electives

ANES 02:  Anesthesia for Surgical Subspecialties

The ANES 02:  Anesthesia for Surgical Subspecialties Elective provides exposure to adult anesthesiology, pediatric anesthesiology, ambulatory anesthesiology, obstetric anesthesiology, and pain management. Students will receive an introduction to the principles and techniques involved in the care of the peri-operative patient. An anesthesiologist and resident will assist the student in discovering the techniques and principles of anesthetic management and basic life support including airway management, maintenance or cardiopulmonary stability, and intensive monitoring. The student shall acquire an appreciation of the needs of the acutely ill patient and the role of the anesthesiologist in their care.

Faculty (M4)

Gaurav Patel

Chanta' Randall - Coordinator

Information for Prospective Visiting Medical Students

All applications from visiting medical students for clinical rotations within our department must be arranged through the School of Medicine. Find more info regarding this process here.