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Congratulations to our 2016 graduating class honorees:
Faculty Awards:
Critical Care Medicine Teaching Award: Dr. Michael Connor
Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award:  Dr. Craig Jabaley
Excellence in Mentoring Award: Dr. Gaurav Patel
Carl Hug CTA  Teaching Award: Dr. Gautam Sreeram
Excellence in Subspecialty Teaching Award:  Dr. Dawn Williams
Resident awards:
Outstanding Resident Award:  Dr. Danielle Howe 
Ahmet Sezgin Award: Dr. Cliff Song

Congratulations to the physicians below who have had their posters selected for presentation at the Emory Quality Forum 6/6/16: 

1. Kalarickal: Improving compliance with perioperative subcutaneous heparin administration at EUH
2. Nunlee: Decreasing patient throughput times in the Anesthesia Preoperative Clinic at EUHM
3. Weschler, et al:  Perioperative Temperature Management
4. Wolf et al: Does Intra-operative Goal-Directed Fluid Therapy using Esophageal Doppler Decrease Length of Stay?
5. Kolesky, Blackwood, et al: Pediatric anesthesia patient safety concerns: Inadequate airway equipment stock
6. Clark, Evans, Hsu, Rabito, Schneider, Ma, Monnig, Daniel:  Patient education about regional anesthesia at EUH: An unmet need
7. Hemani, Hesse, Kreuzer, Hill, Garcia: Frailty Assessments in the Anesthesia Preoperative Clinic
8. McAdoo, Kalarickal, Cook, Crooks, Davis, Dhariwal, Duggirala, Evans, Ma, Stuart:  Improving communication with an Emory anesthesia intraoperative hand-off tool
9. Bailey, Dhariwal, Guenther, Hammond, Howe, Kao, Lee, Patel, Phillips, Shaw, Stuart, Teniola, Viox, Zong (Sreeram, Klopman, Sumler, Vadlamudi): Improving blood utilization in the surgical population
10. Charrier, Demma, Fontimayor, Lin, Madison, Mills, Patel, Smith, Vo, Yao, (Arora, Manning-Williams, Schindler): Hypothermia prevention during outpatient gynecological procedures at Grady Memorial Hospital
11. Brown, Cartwright, Farmer, Johnson, Kessinger, Lahsaei, Macias, Maffeo, Mitchell, Todd (Carlson, Patel, Duggan, Duggan Lynde): Measuring perioperative hand hygiene via ultrasound at EUH
12. Bradley, Cook, Hamilton, Ma, Okpukpara, Opusunju, Romej, Sondheirmer, Song (Glas, Schwartz, Maziar):  Impact of electronic medical interpreter services on quality of healthcare: a review of the Canopy Speak application for smart phones
13. MollHow to decrease prolonged ventilation in 11 ICU EUHM
14. Benneh, Christianson, Enoh, Hollon, Mckinney, Steinke (Scott): Hand Hygiene for Central Line Insertion in the Cardiac Surgical ORs
15. Desai, Foster, Powers, Sidransky, Meyer, Spektor: How does mindfulness meditation impact chronic pain and catastrophizing?
16. Lee, Franks, Issac, Ward, Sterling, DavariDifficult airway management

Faculty Spotlight

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Congratulations to Dr. Vikas O’Reilly-Shah on the selection of his abstract  "Anesthesiologist: Evolving a Successful Mobile Medical App Into a Long Term Research Platform" for oral presentation as part of the "Young Investigator: Outcomes and Database Research" at the 2016 ASA annual meeting.

Congratulations to Drs. Cinnamon Sullivan and Tee Todd on their poster presentation "Characteristics of Orthotopic Liver Transplant Patients Extubated in the Operating Room" at the International Liver Transplant Society meeting in Seoul, and to Dr. Sullivan for being a session moderator for three interesting case presentations.

Congratulations to Dr. Cinnamon Sullivan on being added to the SATA (Society for the Advancement of Transplant Anesthesiology) Committee for Quality Measures

Congratulations to Dr. Cinnamon Sullivan on her invitation to speak at the one day, pre-ASA ILTS meeting in October on the topic of "PPV for Hemodynamic Monitoring During Liver Transplantation".

Congratulations to Drs. Thanayi Smith and Matt Rabito on acceptance of their case report "Conversion Disorder in Pregnancy" as a poster presentation at the SOAP annual meeting in Boston, Mass.

Congratulations to Dr. Paul Garcia on acceptance of his  manuscript "The effects of GABA(A) receptor modulation by flumazenil on emergence from general anesthesia" for publication in Anesthesiology. 

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