Critical Care Medicine

The Department of Anesthesiology’s Critical Care Division is unique in its practice. Faculty in the Division practice critical care at two different hospitals, Emory University Hospital (EUH) and Emory University Hospital Midtown (EUHM), in seven different ICUs. Care is provided in almost every critical care domain from medical admissions for COPD exacerbations to post-cardiotomy shock to advanced respiratory failure requiring ECMO. Many of the faculty also practice in the Emory Critical Care Center’s electronic ICU (eICU), which provides services at five hospitals throughout Georgia. Specific faculty assignments are determined based on faculty interest and clinical needs. The Division is the largest physician provider group of critical care services in the Emory Critical Care Center.  

In addition to these practice environments, fellows have the opportunity to participate in locations at Grady Memorial Hospital and other dedicated units at EUH and EUHM including the medical and neuro critical care units. Here, the trainee has the opportunity to learn from faculty with different core training including medicine, surgery, and neurology. Together, these opportunities provide a unique training environment that differentiates Emory from almost every other institution.