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The Department of Anesthesiology’s Team Based Science Committee (TBS) was established and funded by its Chair, Dr. Laureen Hill, in 2013. With the goal of fostering translational research among basic science and clinical investigators, TBS provides a forum for exchanging expertise and resources across the biomedical disciplines. Additionally, through a  selection process headed by Drs. Andy Jenkins and Roman Sniecinski, internal funding for pilot projects is provided to junior researchers and trainees in order to develop and execute scientific studies related to the field of anesthesiology.

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Introduction to Clinical Research at Emory Anesthesiology


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Highlights and Accomplishments

More than a dozen TBS grants have been awarded to anesthesiology faculty for development of projects in neuroscience, hematology, OB anesthesia, and pain medicine. Total funding in the first three years of the program has amounted to almost $250,000. This investment in the department’s research efforts has yielded multiple national poster/abstract presentation, 7 manuscripts, and pilot data for 2 external grant applications.

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